Make Time for What Matters

DiSolve works with automation and robotics to help your business make time for what matters. Whether it is to give more time with customers or for your employees to work more effectively. With our experience in Nintex K2 we will be able to analyse your business processes and automate your business’ everyday tasks.

What We Offer

Business Analysis

DiSolve can help you understand where workflow automation can strengthen your business.

Nintex K2 Platform

DiSolve is certified in the Nintex K2 platform and have experience with other workflow automation tools as well.

Integrated Solutions

DiSolve is competent at developing with and for different tech stacks, allowing us to integrate Nintex K2 into your business.

A Personal Touch

At DiSolve we are a small intimate team with near 5 years of experience working with business process automation. We have worked on several projects, helping customers in the financial sector. We take pride in understanding your needs and build a platform that can help enhance your business.

  • Attentive developers
  • Certified Nintex K2 platform developers
  • Extensive knowledge in working with workflow automation tools

Contact Us

Nordvangs Alle 6, 2600 Glostrup